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The skating season has started and with it the bets on skates. In recent years, more and more online betting offered and of course also dark every year discussing the left whether or not it will continue.

That it is so popular is because the mainstream providers such as post offices, but a limited number of matches may offer. It is also true that almost every weekend like a skating competition nowadays. Enough to bet so.

The best bookmakers for skating bets Unbent course as well as Bet-at-home and Bets son. You can on these websites on different types of races and distances bets. It just depends on where you have the most sense of what you like the most to watch. At present, the long track speed skating are the most popular. That is the famous work on the 400 meter track with distances from 500 meters to 10 kilometers. Especially over the long haul, our Sven Kramer of course the big favorite.

Furthermore, there are also many bet on short track speed skating. Because more of leader is changed, the speed is high and there are often unexpected endogen, it is exciting to bet here. A third variant is the marathon skating.

A marathon is also often held on a 400 meter track. There will then be driven between the 25 and 250 rounds. We have a bit of luck also still a marathon on natural ice this winter. That is of course much nicer. Do not forget to put on your favorite.

What you can not do when the lottery is a series of close bet on the Premier League football. You link a series of matches to each other and that way you can get more profit from betting on the league. Moreover, you yourself decide how much you bet on a bet on Dutch top football, whether it be a euro or a hundred.

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