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Shall we call it, the silence after the storm because the whole week was about the verdict in the case against the Lotto lost that Ladbrokes, but now it seems the calm weather returned and nothing has changed. It was an obsolete thing because it was years ago brought by the Lotto because it was felt that Ladbrokes unfair competition caused.

The Supreme Court sided with the Lotto Ladbrokes and thus would indeed have to disappear from the screen. Judgment or no judgment, there is little changed after the ruling earlier this week. In politics, there is little mention of this case and the future of online providers of betting, because the government is indeed working on a new gambling legislation and when it is established, will the above statement has no meaning anymore , to the extent that it has now.

Perhaps there will be some parliamentary questions come in the next week that the online betting concern, but most likely remain the same and offer the Dutchman hesitate a bet on the websites.

Proponents of the new gambling legislation experienced over the past week as positive, because this case seems to be an end to the lawsuits that gambling policy concern in our country. Foreign providers will now have the new law is written and adopted, while the current providers of games of chance in our country will have to accept that their times of monopoly and glory belong to the past. Simply wait The new law will thus be more in line with European regulations and the free provision of services between the European countries.

When introducing a new policy will always be parties who lose out and parties who benefit from it and this will, I expect, will provide the necessary criticism of the current providers. Interesting developments so that we will continue to monitor closely.

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