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In the article the basic terms for sports betting is the concept of Return on Investment already been discussed. It indicates how much a player will win, in relation to what the person has invested. The abbreviation for this concept is RIO. In this article we will discuss RIO in relation to the percentage of bets that a player has correctly.

Generally it can be said that a good player 50% -60% of his bets is correct. could also be argued that a bookmaker on any type of sports betting vigorous an average of 10%. In American odds can be expressed as -110, in decimal odds is almost 1.91. (Note: these assumptions apply in equal opponents) conclusion you have correctly in this case 52.38% of your bets for no loss / make a profit. Below is a diagram how RIO is being achieved at a certain percentage of correct bets.

As you can see quite makes a difference how big your percentage of correct bets must be in relation to the different odds. In the first case (equal opponents) to play right with a percentage of 52.38%, but in the second case (where there is a solid favorite), this had risen to 57.14% (average of 1:50 as the odds are the percentage of all 66.67 %).

In other words, the more you have your percentage correct bets the higher bet on a favorite. The only question is whether this is happening? 1:50 wins a favorite or 66.67% of the time? We doubt it. In the article on Bankers explains why we rarely bets on races where the favorite less than 1.45. So that with the above, it has to make.

A favorite is in our opinion in football rarely more than 70% chance of victory. If we continue to invest in this type of favorites, structurally we're pretty sure we are going to make. Loss in the long term so do not think that betting on favorites is always good. Many beginners make this mistake, but make sure you're not one!

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