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A simplistic example of a proven system in sports betting is based on the method of honeycombs chess players (LEO-rating). Every football team has a certain number of points, this is their rating. An average team has 1000 points. Prior to the game, each team donates a percentage of their total points to a pot.

Odds are subject to change. It is not true that a bookmaker announces the odds and then not adjust. This can have several causes, but it always depends on how players think about the game. The bookmaker adjusts the odds usually to keep a good book. That is to say that the bookmaker is guaranteed profits regardless of the outcome of a match.

For convenience, we round off the round about 10%. If the bookmaker the right amounts at the right odds can get profit is guaranteed. Look: € 1,894 on Charleroi@5.28 € 3.226 on Kalispell 3.10 € 5.882 on Indirect1.80 If successful, the bookmaker expect a profit of € 1,000. In all cases, the bookmaker namely € 10,000 pay, but the income is € 11,000. Nearly 10% profit so.

Note that the expected rate equals the best bet for the bookmaker (eg 01/05/28 = 18.94). Market forces come into play in case there is used a lot more money than any of the three options bookmaker expected. Imagine that € 10,000 is put. At Indirect in this case If the rest would remain the same and the bookmaker would take no action, then the bookmaker not be guaranteed profit. If Indirect namely wins, € 18,000 must be paid, but there is only € 15,100 invested.

Imagine that you are in this example 'just' Indirect as the better looks and they give you a percentage of 59% on the win, then the odds may not fall below 1.70 otherwise you are lost. Value So if you find that the odds drop rapidly, the choice is up to you to quickly determine if you really want to place the bet or not.

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