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Horses are in fact not all equally well on various goings. It is therefore to see which horses to do well on a specific substrate of interest. This information can usually all be found on the website of your bookmaker. It is important to distinguish which type of surface the best results are achieved. Estimate Pay attention not only on a 1st or 2nd place, because it is also important to know how big the field at that time.

Perhaps a 3rd place out of 20 horses better than a 1st place with 7 horses. This estimate must make themselves whole. It is also a tip not to bet. The first two races of the day on a job Why not? As you can see if you information about the going is correct. It can sometimes happen that the information is incorrect.

Imagine that going "soft", but the horses are 5 to 10 seconds faster than the normal time. At that point, you conclude that the going 'good' and that your information is incorrect. This not care when choosing your horse. Jockey Note also the jockey of the horse. Is this an experienced person who has already proven his or is it a novice.

Experienced jockeys are in fact very important in this sport and certainly better than a novice. Also you can watch or jockey and horse participated in a competition. Many times together Maybe it turns out that this combination so far always been. Winning Pedigree Less important, but for professional bettors on horse racing certainly important.

Genes may have a certain impact. It's too far to go deeper. In here in this article Track this applies more or less the same than the going / distance. Some horses simply have a preference for a particular track. Think of it as a home of a certain football club. They perform on average better than if they play out.

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