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Why is this benefit is unknown. But it may be that a horse has a preference for a curve that goes clockwise, while another prefers a turn counterclockwise. Keep this in mind. If you drop all the good results together, and you see that 80% of these results is driven on a left-handed track, you can almost certainly be the preference of that particular horse.

Horses that have been made several times on a particular track and distance good results are usually favorites for next races in those conditions. Trainer Like the jockey is also important. There are trainers and lesser gods. Look of the stable your horse descended to assess whether your horse a chance. In addition, there are certain trainers who are focused on an x-number of races per year. The rest do them, but not further their interests.

Try to filter trainers and you can for example estimate that a particular horse is a solid contender in the Cheltenham Festival. Shape Another very important point. Form says it all. This applies to every sport and sports betting. A team that is not in shape, do not win often. The form is often translated into a rating.

These ratings are listed on the official sites listed above. But these ratings alone is not enough. Unofficial ratings are also important, that you can find on the website of your bookmaker. Often A large deviation may indicate that a horse overrated or underrated. Information that may be very important (see the article weight ).

Skating is as Dutch as pea soup and Santa Claus. No wonder skating bets and especially else fever after the first frost and snowfall already have become. Immediately so popular In this article we bet on you about skating. Telling You do not for to the post office, it may just be online.

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