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Online bingo, which is played in the online casinos, offers more fun than the conventional sort of bingo which is played in the land-based casinos. The basic reason for this is that the online bingo of the online casinos offers more number of options which make it more entertaining than the one which is played in the land based casinos. There are several variants of the online bingo. Lets take a look at some of the major variants of the game.

In 90 ball variant of the online bingo, the card has three rows and nine columns and every row has five numbers. In this variant, specific three sections are followed to win the game - 1-line section, 2-line section and a Full House. If you are able to produce the Full House, then you win the jackpot in this variant at

75 ball variant is the most conventional form of the game. In this variant, the card has five rows and five columns. It has fifteen numbers in each row. The players are supposed to produce specific patterns like vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The new numbers are drawn out and these begin to appear on the screen and you have to mark these on your card if those numbers are present. The player, who finishes off with the required pattern first, is declared as the winner of the jackpot.

80 ball variant is also another variant of bingo and in this variant, the card has four rows and four columns. Again you have to go for pattern making which is already pre-set. Coverall bingo requires you to mark off all the numbers before the announcement of the 41st ball. This variant is becoming very popular nowadays. Deal or No deal bingo offers you to play only if you have won in any other variant of the game.

Online bingo is also known to offer video gaming. You can see the dealer on your screen and you can also see him drawing out balls from the glass container. The numbers are announced and these are also shown on the screen. This form of the video gaming doubles the amount of fun.

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