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A relatively large loss and a risk. , it is matter for the bookmaker to get more money. the other two options Only then he can get a good, balanced book again. And the solution should be clear by now: the odds for Indirect go down, the other two up. In this way, the more attractive to the public, for example, to assemble.

At Charleroi This interaction between what the bookmaker thinks and what the players market thinks will persist until the match begins. Now you know that there is a market, it is also interesting to think about whether you have a certain way you benefit it can do as a player. We take the example above there again.

You're one of the few who thinks Charleroi is a better chance of winning than the odds suggest. You have decided for yourself that the probability of Charleroi wins is over 20%. If you odds of 5:28 will see you, know that odds represent value.

Is it wise to immediately to set up? Not always. For there are some good sites where you can see the market and maintain. Because you can see what is happening, now you can see that the odds for Charleroi only rise. Because most of the people think Indirect wins and the bookmaker will therefore have to adapt to keep.

A book about his odds The odds for Charleroi so will only increase. Conclusion: the odds for Charleroi will be best when the match will almost start. The concept described above is very important for someone who should not be underestimated for someone who is more on an underdog bet, but the concept more favorite plays.

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